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Learning Java – A GIS Perspective

If you examine the GIS industry you will find a great diversity of applications of the technology, from business geographics to conservation. One of the hardest parts of learning a field so large is determining the most essential skills required in order to become productive. Programming with Java is very similar. This article picks three areas that represent the basic skills a person who wants to use Java effectively should have

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U.S. Census 2000 – Population Trends Mapped

As the numbers are released from the 2000 United States Census, mapping the data helps clarify the nationwide trends in population. This article is the result of a cartographic and descriptive statistics exploration of the new overall population figures. I mapped out two sets of statistics released data from the Census: absolute populations numbers at the state and county level.

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GIS Developments in India – Year 2000 Analysis

The year 2000 was a tremendous time for GIS users in India even though the developments were in a juvenile stage towards the end of the last millennium. We can say that the Year 2000 was a watershed for ‘GIS in India’. During this year, India started to face a volatile GIS growth fueled by increasing work opportunities, availability of competent workers, development of powerful GIS software and a rapid increase in the awareness of GIS among all the stakeholders. It is heartening to note that by and large, around 35 GIS related conferences were organized in India during the year 2000.

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GIS 2000: A Brief Look Backwards

GIS continues to experience momentous growth and has been strengthening its role as a “must-have” tool for many fields. 2001 promises to be yet another year of exciting advances in GIS. Field GIS and Internet mapping continue to decentralize GIS and to introduce this technology to the common user. While anticipating the events of 2001, this article takes a brief look at some of the notable events of last year.

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Interacting MS Access With ArcView 3.x Using Avenue

Avenue is the object-oriented program native to the 3x versions of ArcView. It is a fairly simple programming language to learn. Immense functionality can be added to ArcView through the use of Avenue. There are many online resources that offer free code and guidelines on using Avenue with ArcView. A collection of code used to achieve a function in ArcView is called a script. Scripts are recognizable by their *.ave extension. Scripts are utilized in ArcView by loading them into the Script module from the *.ave files. You can also look at Avenue scripts in a text editor.

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GIS Day: A Celebration

On November 19, 1999 thousands of businesses, governments and schools participated in GIS Day. Coming on the tail end of Geography Awareness Week (November 14-20), GIS Day was the first of its kind. Hosted by current users of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology, this event was a unique, worldwide effort to bring knowledge and encourage interest in this growing field to millions. Activities portraying the applicability of GIS technology were showcased in the form of demonstrations, map galleries and even through online interaction. The event is being sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the Association of American Geographers, the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, and ESRI, one of the leaders in GIS software.

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