GIO – Geographic Information Officer

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CIO, or Chief Information Officer is a widely recognized executive management position in the Information Technology Field. A growing number of agencies, in particular at the U.S. Federal and State level, are instituting the GIS counterpart, the Geographic Information Officer (GIO).

A GIO for DOI: Implications and Questions (Podcast)
Podcast by Joe Francica and Adena Schutzberg of Directions Magazine that discusses the difference between two models of a Geographic Information Officer: functioning similar to that of a CIO or as more of a GIS Coordinator.

Geographic Information Officer
Summer 2002 ArcNews article overviewing the status of the GIO in many agencies, profiling GIOs in a few U.S. state and federal agencies.

Karen Siderelis is Named USGS Geographic Information Officer
Press release from the U.S. Geological Survey announcing the appointment of Karen Siderelis in November of 2000.

Placing the Geographic Information Officer Within an Organization
Perspective piece by USGS Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Geographic Information Officer (GIO) Karen Siderelis published in the Summer 2002 edition of ESRI’s ArcNews.

USGS Seeks to Place Geographic Information Officer
1999 Press release from USGS announcing the establishment of a GIO position.


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