Geospatial Redux: Esri Contest, Mapping Time Data, Build a Drone from Lego Bricks

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In this edition of Geospatial Redux, Esri has announced a new map contest, you can learn how to make an animated video in QGIS using time data, Australia’s northward moving is forcing a coordinate change, and you can buy a kit to make a drone from Lego bricks.

Esri recently announced its Global Content Challenge. The challenge invites students to use “personal geographic analyses, visualizations, predictive models, and more, to explore a variety of scientific themes” in order to create map journals.  Top winners will earn thousands of dollars in software. Entries are due by November 11, 2016.  [Esri]

Anita Graser demonstrates how to visualize spatiotemporal data using the QGIS Time Manager.  Her example uses bird migration downloaded from Movebank’s data repository which houses animal tracking data submitted by researchers.  [Anita Graser]

The NY Times explains how Australia’s northward movement is resulting in an adjustment due next year of the continent’s longitudes and latitudes in order to line up with GPS coordinates.  Australia has been shifting 2.7 inches north each year and the adjustment will be about 1.5 meters (4.9 feet).  Most commercial GPS units aren’t fine-grained enough in resolution to be affected but the next generation of GPS units with sub-inch resolution and driverless cars require more precise accuracy.  [NY Times]

The U.S. Federal Government recently launched the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP), a public-private collaboration among Federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, private-sector companies, and civil-society organizations. The objective of the partnership will be to “identify priority-information needs, reduce barriers to data access and usability, and develop an open-source platform to enable sharing and learning on the availability and use of data and information for climate resilience.” [White House]

Flybrix sell kits that lets users build drones using Lego bricks.  [Flybrix via TNW]


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