Geospatial Redux: Soldiers and Geotagging


Asking, “Is a badge on Foursquare worth your life?”, the U.S. Army has posted a warning to its service members that geotagging photos on social media sites like Facebook is a severe security risk.  Soldiers uploading geotagged photos onto social media sites are unwittingly broadcasting their locations.  An unfortunate real world example from 2007 was explained by Steve Warren, deputy G2 for the Maneuver Center of Excellence, or MCoE:

Warren cited a real-world example from 2007. When a new fleet of helicopters arrived with an aviation unit at a base in Iraq, some Soldiers took pictures on the flightline, he said. From the photos that were uploaded to the Internet, the enemy was able to determine the exact location of the helicopters inside the compound and conduct a mortar attack, destroying four of the AH-64 Apaches.

The U.S. Army has published a U.S. Army Social Media Handbook 2011 to help service members and their families understand how to protect themselves and their locations.  (Via got geoint?)



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