A Roundup of Geospatial Podcasts

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Every few months it seems like a new GIS or geospatial podcast is being launched.  Here’s a roundup of what’s available.

Cageyjames & GeoBabbler
With the tagline, “Two old guys talk about new spatial technology”, this monthly podcast is hosted by two geospatial industry veterans: James Fee and Bill Dollins.  Visit: Cageyjames & GeoBabbler

Directions Magazine Podcasts
Directions Magazine has been one of the longest running GIS web sites and has been hosting a weekly podcasts for quite some time.  Visit: Directions Magazine Podcasts

Esri Science of Where
The podcast series Esri & The Science of Where currently has dozens of downloadable episodes that focus on high-level executive conversations with thought leaders from several industries. Visit: Science of Where

Eyes on Earth
This recently launched podcast features topics on remote sensing, Earth observation, land change and science from the staff of USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center. Visit: Eyes on Earth

Geodorable Podcast
Hosted out of New Zealand, this podcast aims to “include anything and everything about the geospatial world. From news articles about the GIS industry that take our fancy, interviews with GIS practitioners, random acts of geospatial madness and of course the legendary game Export to Shapefile.” Visit: Geodorable Podcast

Geointeresting is the official podcast of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Geointeresting features conversations with innovators, explorers and pathfinders. Visit: Geointeresting


Isn’t That Spatial
A podcast about “casual geography, urban planning, and the spatial component of whatever.” Visit: Isn’t That Spatial

The Mappyist Hour
This weekly podcasts features geospatial professionals Silas Toms and Todd Barr and occasionally includes guest hosts.   Visit: The Mappyist Hour

The MapScaping Podcast
This weekly podcast features interviews from the geospatial industry.  Visit: The MapScaping Podcast 

Map Shack
A newly launch geospatial podcast from MapsPeople podcast focused on chatting to mapping industry experts, geeks, colleagues, and thought leaders within the mapping technology field to spread the word about innovation throughout the business of maps. Visit: Map Shack

Nodes and Ways
Nodes & Ways features OpenStreetMap (OSM) related news & interviews. The monthly podcast will feature conversations and interviews about OSM with the people who make and use it. Visit: Nodes and Ways

Project Geospatial
Project Geo is a web series and blog dedicated to increasing awareness of Geospatial Technology, industry best practices, and GIS resources. The podcast team is made up of experienced geospatial enthusiasts with a combined 35 years of experience in the industry: Andrea Simmons, Adam Simmons, and Mason Rothman.  Visit: Project Geospatial

Scene From Above
Hosted by Andrew Cutts and Alastair Graham, Scene From Above is a podcast dedicated to discussing modern remote sensing and Earth observation.  Visit: Scene From Above

Texas URISA: More Than Just Maps
The Texas URISA chapter hosts this podcast series that interviews GIS professionals “who know a thing or two about how to find your way from student to professional and beyond, while also chatting about some neat tools, tricks, and trends.” Visit: More Than Just Maps

Thinking Spatially
Undeniably, one of the most enthusiastic geographers around, Esri’s Education Manager, Joseph Kerski, hosts a weekly podcast entitled, “Spatially Thinking”.  Visit: Thinking Spatially

Very Spatial
The original and longest-running GIS podcast.  The hosts recently relaunched VerySpatialTV, hosted via YouTube.  Visit: Very Spatial

Defunct Geospatial Podcasts

These geospatial podcasts are no longer actively producing new episodes but you can listen to archived episodes.

Speaking of GIS
Launched at the beginning of 2018, Speaking of GIS is hosted by Kurt Towler who’s been working in the GIS industry for 19 years.  His podcasts features discussions with others working in the geospatial field such as Christina Boggs-Chavira and a discussion about Women in GIS, Smart Cities with James Fee, and Lance Watkins, Center Lead for NASA DEVELOP.  Visit: Speaking of GIS

JB’s ‘Bits & Bobs’
Launched at the beginning of 2018 by Joe Bob Penor, the podcast summarizes recent geospatial items of interest  gathered from web sources, videos, podcasts, and blogs.  Penor has been active in the geospatial industry for over two decades and he also hosts the Every Day Geo blog.  Visit: JB’s ‘Bits & Bobs’

A Conversation with Tim O’Reilly
Podcast featuring an interview from 2005 with Jack Dangermond, founder and president of Esri, a maker of GIS software. Visit: A Conversation with Tim O’Reilly

This article was originally published on March 24, 2018 and has been updated to  include more recent GIS and geospatial podcasts that have been launched and to remove podcasts that are no longer active.


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