Geosocial Exergames

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A new International Journal of Health Geographics Editorial by Kamel Boulos and Yang discusses how mobile exergames for GPS (global positioning system)-enabled smartphones and mini-tablets can take players outdoors, in the open air, unlike console exergames (such as those using Kinect). The rise in popularity of geosocial exergames coincides with the increase in GPS-enabled devices and ways to harness the power of sharing through online social networks and gamification principles. The real world becomes the ‘game map’ or playground in these games, and players can even discover and learn about new places and their geographies while burning calories.

Authored by Maged N. Kamel Boulos, a health informatician and scientist with the University of Plymouth and Stephen Yang from CUNY Cortland, the complete article is available here:

A supplement to the article lists an inventory complete with description and URLs of  available GPS exergames and geosocial apps and devices including geocaching, a popular GPS treasure hunting game.

Dokobots is a geosocial exergame for iOS devices.
Dokobots is a geosocial exergame for iOS devices.

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