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Resources to sites that provide opportunities to explore geography around the world.

Geography Realm
Geography companion site to GIS Lounge, focusing on bring interesting news and web sites to the attention of those interested in geography.

The Year in Geography – 2006
Ben Keene, the editor of Oxford Atlas of the World has highlighted what he considers some of the noteworthy geographic developments during 2006.

Our World
Resources to web sites that use geography and geographic information systems (GIS) to help you to explore our world and its resources and beauty.

American Ethnic Geography
Site that provides a cultural geography of the United States as well as Canada. Browse through the links to find maps showing the distribution of religious, ethnic groups, languages and more.

American Young Adults Found to be Illiterate in Geography
The National Geographic-Roper Public Affairs Geographic Study recently released found that most young adults (between 18 and 24) were unable to find significant geographic locations on a map and displayed a very limited understanding of the world.

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