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What are the top GIS and Geo related blogs?

Off the Map has triggered an interesting discussion in the blogging community after posting a list of “Top 25” (amended to a list of 37 geospatial related blogs). The initial list was compiled based on authority ranking (both actual and estimated) as listed on Technorati and then amended to pull in additional blogging sites that were deemed noteworthy.

The list has touched off debates about the validity of using Technorati’s ranking system, what makes a blog a GIS blog, and which blogs should be on the list.  Read more: Off the Map Presents Top 25 Blogs in GIS, GeoWeb and CartographyUpdate (September 17)GeoWeb Blog Ranking Post Mortem

Adena Schutzberg from Directions Magazine provides a helpful roundup of the must read GIS related blogs in the article, A Reader’s Buide to Geoblogs.

With the multitude of geospatial blogs out there, this guide helps narrow down the top blogs based on your interests.  If the selection is too overwhelming to just pick a few, then subscribe to Planet Geospatial, an aggregated view of many of the popular GIS related blogs.

Listed here are select GIS, cartography, and mapping related blogs.

All Things Geography
Encompassing blog for geographic and GIS related topics.

Very interesting mapping related blog with posts on unique mapping web sites.

Free GeoTools Blog
If you are looking to learn about cheap or free tools to help you with your spatial work, this blog is a good source for tips. Run by Leszek Pawlowicz, this blog has resources for shapefile utilities, working with Google maps and tips for your GPS unit.

Geographic Information (GIS) Geoblog
Geoblog run by Nacogdoces, a blogger from Texas.

GIS Matters
Blog run by David Maguire from ESRI. Slanted towards ESRI related information.

Google Maps Mania
Billed as “an unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps”. This web site tracks trends and new developments in hacking Google Maps.

Spatially Adjusted 
Visit this blog for a first person perspective on geospatial matters by James Fee.

Making Maps: DIY Cartography
A blog maintained by John Krygier that explores the various techniques and critiques of map making. John Krygier is the co-author (with Denis Wood) of Making Maps: a Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS. His blog is full of interesting essays on map making, visual design and other tidbits on cartography.

A map and GIS news blog for UK, Europe, and worldwide maps and mapping resources.

The Map Room
Blog about all things relating to maps and cartography from Jonathan Crowe.  

Strange Maps
Strange Maps is a blog that highlights interesting cartography such as “Secret Soviet Plans for the Complete Removal of the North American Continent”, ‘The Whole World In A Cloverleaf’, and “Inside the Hollow Earth”.  Strange Maps presents interesting studies in how people have viewed their environment, both in reality and in fiction through maps.

Online GIS Magazines and News Sites

These online geospatial magazines will help keep you up-to-date on the new tools, tips and tricks of the trade. Many have informative articles as well as industry news.

ArcNews Online
Online version of ArcNews. Dedicated to users of Esri products, mainly its ArcGIS suite of GIS software. Contains case studies and news about Esri products.

ArcUser Online
ArcUser magazine contains tutorials, productivity tips, and articles on new technology, technology integration, GIS industry applications, and user articles mostly focused on ArcGIS. ArcUser Online contains not only selected content from the printed version but additional tutorials and sample datasets.

Asian Surveying and Mapping (ASM)
An Australian-based monthly online magazine that covers Asian geospatial news and events.

Directions Magazine
Access news, reviews, and interviews with people in the GIS Industry.

News and application information about GPS.

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