GeoExchange Debuts


A new peer support site for those needing to ask geo-related questions has debuted.  Set up by Kate Chapman, the site uses StackExchange which is a knowledge exchange platform.  The basic premise of GeoExchange is both the questions and answers are voted on by users.  This allows for the best rated posts to be easily found on the site.  Users also earn reputation points for their questions and answers.  On her site MapLoser, Chapman explains her impetus for setting up GeoExchange:

Don’t get me wrong there is a thriving geo-community online, though I find it is disjointed in many ways.  For example right now I would be most likely to ask a question on Twitter and I would probably get a very good answer.  Where does that question and answer go?  Right now maybe I would do a blog post about it but other than that it disappears or at least gets buried somewhere in the Twitterverse.  There are plenty of forums where people ask questions as well, but the focus is not on asking and question and getting an answer.  Also those conversations are often difficult to find in a search engine and don’t often help others because they simply can’t find them …. So I’m introducing GeoExchange as an attempt to fulfill these needs.

Visit GeoExchange today to try it out.  The site is very new so this is the opportune time for those in the geocommunity to see if they can create a thriving streamlined location for the exchange of geo-related knowledge.

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