GeoBriefs: Using Geographic Tools to Hunt Kony, Google Maps Game Released, SketchUp Sold to Trimble, 3D Photo Tours

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The Geographic Travels blog explores how geographic analysis using “pattern of life” and “socio-cultural analysis” are being used to search for warlord Joseph Kony.

Announced back in January, the Google game Cubed which is based on Google Maps is finally here.  The game, developed by the Google Maps team, uses WebGL to provide 3D graphics without the need for additional plugins in compatible browsers such as Chrome.  Similar to a pinball machine, the user has to guide a rolling ball through the streets to reach the blue target.  More: Google Maps Games.

Google sold SketchUp to Trimble.  Vector1 Media has a perspective on why the GPS company bought the software.

The Lat Long blog announced that 3D photo tours for more than 15,000 sites around the world are now available via Google Maps.

Game based on Google Maps.
Game based on Google Maps.


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