Geospatial Redux: Apple bans located-based ads in app, OSM in the news


ReadWriteWeb has noted that Apple appears to have banned location-based advertising in their apps, “Apple has posted a shocking, if vague, warning to iPhone app creatorsin its developer forums: submit an app that uses user location data “primarily” for targeting advertisements and that app will be sent right back to you to be changed.” (via @DiAnnEisnor)

OpenStreetMap has received quite a bit of press over their mapping efforts in Haiti.  Most recently, the Washington Post has an article on “Citizen Cartographers” and the Guardian has an article called “Meet the Wikipedia of the mapping world“.  On a note relating to Haiti, Scarlett Johannson got press for putting a map of Haiti on a handbag as part of a fundraising drive by clothing designer Mango.


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