GeoBriefs: Detailed Hand-drawn Map of London, Waze Comes to Blackberry, Customize Your GPS Voice


BBC, which is hosting a new series called Magnificent Maps, offers up a highly detailed, hand-drawn map called “The Island” by artist Stephen Walter.  It seems almost every possible space on this map is heavily annotated with the artists personal identification with every square inch of London.

Crowdsourcing traffic has come to the Blackberry.  Waze has released a beta version of their traffic application which rewards drivers with virtual goodies such as cupcakes for driving along areas where linework and traffic information is most needed.  Previously, this application was made available to iPhone and Android users.

If having Darth Vader provide you your driving instructions gives you the shivers, you might want to turn to Nokia which is now offering its users the ability to customize their own GPS voices.  The Nokia Own Voice for Ovi Maps allows users to record the voice of their choice (via ZDNet).



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