Geo Roundup: Paid Cartography Internship, Mapping Italy’s Moving Border…

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Paid Cartographic Internship: The National Geographic Society has announced that it will offer a paid cartography internship.  The internship is based in its Washington, D.C., headquarters. Applicants should have prior experience in cartographic research and production and must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate degree program.

Mapping Italy’s Moving Border: The Alpine border between  Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France is natural border affected by shrinking ice sheets and the consequent shifts of the watershed.  Italian Limes is a research project that maps this area of the Alpine watershed line.

New map visualization and download tool: the Global Man-made Impervious Surface & Settlement Extent from Landsat tool lets users visualize and download data from NASA’s Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (login required to download).

Sentinel-2B Data Now Available from USGS EROS: The Sentinel-2A and Sentinel-2B products can be accessed together through the USGS Sentinel-2 data collections on EarthExplorerGloVis, and Sentinel2Look Viewer.

How data scientists are helping courts understand gerrymandering: The the American Bar Association Journal has a write up summarizing the August workshop of the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group where discussions about the role GIS and other tools in gerrymandering cases were held.

Women in Geospatial Webinar recording: GITA has made the recording of its recent Women in Geospatial Webinar available.

QGIS 3.0 Call for contributions: QGIS 3.0 was recently released.  A Call for Contributions is soliciting volunteers to help document the new features of the major release.

Location announced: The State of the Map US Organizing Committee has announced the location and dates of its upcoming conference.  The State of the Map US in 2018 will be held in Detroit on October 5th – 7th, 2018.

Updated edition: The fifth edition of “Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop” was recently released.  From Esri:

Getting to Know ArcGIS® Desktop, fifth edition, is a comprehensive introduction to the features and tools of ArcGIS Desktop. Through hands-on exercises, readers will discover, use, make, and share maps with meaningful content. They will also learn how to build geodatabases, query data, analyze geospatial data, and more. The latest edition has been updated to the most current version of ArcGIS Desktop 10.6. Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop is suited for classroom use, independent study, and as a reference.
Data for completing the exercises and a 180-day free trial of ArcGIS Desktop are available for download.

New episode: The second episode of the Mappyist Hour is up.  Silas Toms and Toddy Barr speak with Alex Mahrou about his blog series “ArcGIS Identity Crisis”.

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