Geo Roundup: Google Map API Usage Limits, GPS for Military Use Report, Earthquake Timeline Map

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Google recently introduced limits to its Google Maps API usage.  Starting October 1, 2011, free usage is limited to: “up to 25,000 map loads per day for each API” or “up to 2,500 map loads per day that have been modified using the Styled Maps feature.”  Non-profits and those map applications determined by Google to be “in the public interest” are exempt from the new usage limits.  The Google Geo Developers blog has an update about the Google Maps API usage limits.  The Google Maps API will be added to the Google APIs Console to allow developers a way to monitor usage and to pay for usage that exceeds daily limits.  (via Spatially Adjusted)

A new report has been released by the Congressional Budget Office entitled “The Global Positioning System for Military Users: Current Modernization Plans and Alternatives(PDF file).  The report contains an overview of the Department of Defense’s current GPS configuration, plans for modernization, and alternatives to modernizing the existing GPS.  The end of the report also contains a brief history of the miltary’s GPS program which began in 1974.

Skip Cody points out and provides a review of the Live Earthquake map which contains a scrollable timeline at the top of the application.  The map was created by Jörn Clausen using Google Maps and shows the location of earthquakes around the world, the intensity and when the earthquake occurred.  The top of the map has a timeline starting from October 24, 2011.  Clausen has several other Google Maps and Google Earth applications on his web site.  Of interest is the The Google and Yahoo Maps Bakeoff which allows for side-by-side (or in this case, top to bottom) comparison of the two online mapping applications.

Live Global Earthquakes

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