Geo Announcements: QField 1.0 Released,NASA’s Spinoff Publication

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In this week’s edition of Geo Announcements: QField, mobile GIS app from,  is now available, NASA’s Spinoff publication features the benefits of its GPS signal correction software, and the latest in press releases from the GIS industry.

GIS Software News

Marco Bernasocchi recently announced the release of QField 1.0.  Available via the Playstore ( or on GitHub, QField is a mobile GIS app.  The Q in the app name comes from the fact that is is powered by the underlying QGIS engine.  Details about the features offered within QField can be read about here: QField 1.0 is here

Open Access Publications

NASA’s latest publication of Spinoff highlights dozens of commercial technologies that were developed or improved by NASA that benefit people.  This includes “GPS signal correction software created by NASA, which enables precision agriculture, airplane navigation, smartphones, offshore oil drilling, Earth science and much more.”  More: Spinoff 2019

The latest issue of NASA’s Spinoff publication features dozens of NASA innovations improving life on Earth. Credits: NASA
The latest issue of NASA’s Spinoff publication features dozens of NASA innovations improving life on Earth.
Credits: NASA

Published March 16, 2019: Sedano, F., Molini, V., & Azad, A. M. (2019). A Mapping Framework to Characterize Land Use in the Sudan-Sahel Region from Dense Stacks of Landsat Data. Remote Sensing, 11(6).

GIS Industry Events

Golden Software, a developer of affordable scientific graphics software, will present a free webinar to demonstrate how the Surfer® 2D and 3D mapping package can be used to easily and quickly visualize changes in data points over time for analysis of patterns, trends, and anomalies. The webinar, entitled “Data Visualization and Analysis of Time Series Using Surfer,” has been developed for scientists, engineers and researchers involved in water resource management, environmental monitoring, urban planning, transportation/traffic engineering, signal processing and other geospatial applications. The one-hour webinar will be held live at three times to accommodate Surfer users around the world:

  • April 16 at 10 am U.S. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
  • April 17 at 6 pm MDT
  • April 18 at 7 am MDT

Registration is open now at

The FME World Tour 2019 recently released the preliminary programs for events in Canberra, Brisbane and Perth in May 2019. The tour will featured the showcasing of FME projects from local councils, utilities and other organizations.  Attendees will also learn about the 2019 release of FME from Safe Software’s experts.

Industry news

Aerial mapping company Bluesky has invested in the world’s most advanced combined LiDAR and camera system specifically designed for 3D city modelling and urban mapping. The Leica CityMapper, purchased by Bluesky, incorporates the first hybrid airborne sensor which can simultaneously capture vertical and oblique aerial photography as well as LiDAR. Capturing stunning high resolution images, the aircraft-fitted camera enables the creation of high accuracy, wide scale 3D models which are in increasing demand for smart city modelling, infrastructure and building planning, risk assessment and environmental modelling. More: Bluesky Purchases UK’s First CityMapper Camera

The Congressional Districts data contains a nationwide area database with boundaries of the 116th (January 2019-January 2021) Congressional Districts. It also includes demographic data from the 2010 Census and updated data from the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year estimates. The price is US$495 and it is available online at the Caliper Store.  More: Caliper Offers 116th Congressional Districts with 2010 Census Data and 2017 ACS Data for Use with Maptitude.

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration Renews Partnership with Esri to Modernize Maritime Location Data Infrastructure: Esri announced that it has contracted with the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (LTSA), Hydrography Division. LTSA will partner with Esri; local distributor Hnit-Baltic; and Quality Positioning Services (QPS), a Saab subsidiary, to implement a new seabed database and nautical cartography system. To learn more about how Esri is modernizing maritime charting, visit

Radiant Solutions, which was unified under the Maxar brand in February, was named one of the top workplaces in the Tampa Bay area for a third year in a row. The award, which was presented to Maxar by the Tampa Bay Times, is based on survey responses from more than 40,000 employees asked to rate workplace culture across seven areas, including company values, effectiveness, connection to employees and leadership. Radiant Solutions is a technology company that provides advanced geospatial solutions to both U.S. government and commercial customers. Its Tampa workforce includes highly skilled geospatial analysts, socio-cultural analysts, software developers and data scientists.

Radius Payment Solutions, the group behind the telematics and fuel card brands Kinesis and UK Fuels, has acquired Plant-i, the Welsh-based provider of tracking and telemetry solutions to the plant and construction sectors. More: Radius boosts telematics division with acquisition of Plant-i

Two of the UK’s leading Space sector companies, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) and Oxford Space Systems (OSS) have been awarded National Space Technology Programme funding to develop an innovative and stowage-efficient Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payload. More: SSTL and OSS Collaborate on Disruptive Smallsat SAR Payload

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