Fun with GIS and Geography

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Take a break from your hectic day of mapping and spatial analysis with these fun links. Send a postcard, take a quiz, or learn some trivia.

GIS Humor Time
Humorous GIS videos posted on YouTube.

About GeoCaching
If you’ve been wondering what creative things you can do with your GPS unit you should learn about GeoCaching. Started as a way to celebrate the end of selective availability, GeoCaching uses GPS technology to find hidden treasures.

Drop Spots
If you like the idea of geocaching but don’t have a GPS unit, this is an alternative to treasure hunting. Similar to the idea of geocaching in which a treasure is hidden and coordinates are provided for clues, “dropspots” are also hidden locations but clues are provided via a Google Maps interface and a description of the treasure’s location. You can search for locations by address or ZIP code or use the simple interface to drop your location onto the map and add a description of where your dropspot is hidden.

Earth as Art
The USGS and NASA have teamed up to bring the public stunning images of the Earth taken by the Landsat-7 satellite and the Terra Satellite’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER). Visitors can browse the images by continent or alphabetically.

GeoGreeting lets you send e-card style messages comprised of letter-shaped satellite images from Google Maps. The recipient of the geoGreeting sees a zoom-in animation that spells out the message. Click here to see a sample.

Geospatial Art
It took a mention on the Drudge Report web site to bring this artist to light. Nicholas Schiller is putting a new twist on aerial imagery as an art form.

Jigsaw puzzles and other games aimed at teaching children about geography.

GIS Quotes
GIS and Mapping related pearls of wisdom. Add a touch of wit to your web sites and documents with a quote.

Two GIS Jokes
These are the two GIS jokes that I have been able to find. They are pretty corny.

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