Free Open Access Book: Google Earth Engine Applications

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A recently published book features research on using Google Earth Engine to access and analyze GIS Data. The over 420-page book contains 23 articles reprinted from a special Google Earth Engines Applications issue originally published with the journal Remote Sensing.   Published by MDPI Books and edited by Lalit Kumar and Onisimo Mutanga, the open access book features a range of case studies using Google Earth for processing GIS data.   Some of the case studies include: mapping mining areas in the Brazilian Amazon, monitoring the impact of land cover change on surface urban heat island, estimating satellite-derived bathymetry, and drought assessment using global soil moisture data.

The book is available for free as an open access book in PDF format under a CC BY-NC-ND license.  Those who want a printed version can purchase a soft cover format from the same site.

Visit MDPI’s site to download the free PDF:



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