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Developed by LocalFocus, this online geocoder will generate lat/long coordinates for a list of addresses for free.  Listed as a “Batch geocoder for journalists” this online geocoder can be used by anyone needing to convert a list of locations to latitude and longitude coordinates.  The online geocoder is built using open GIS data from OpenStreetMapOpenAdressess, and Who’s on first. Pelias, an open-source geocoder, is used to generate the lat/long coordinates from addresses.

To use the geocoder, simply copy and paste a list of locations in the designated box.  If the locations for a specific country, select it from the list, otherwise leave it at the “worldwide” default.  Click on the “Add to geocoder” button to start the process.

A running status will show how many of the results have been geocoded, and a color-coded status will indicate the confidence for each geocoded location.  Finally a box contains the geocoded locations along withlatitude, longitude, and status. which you can then copy and paste into a spreadsheet.

Visit: Batch geocoder for journalists – LocalFocus



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