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Want to launch maps over the internet but can’t afford commercial software? Check here for links to free map servers.

GeoTools is an open source, Java GIS toolkit for developing standards compliant solutions. It’s modular architecture allows extra functionality to be easily incorporated. GeoTools aims to support OpenGIS and other relevant standards as they are developed.

GLG Map Server
The free Community Edition of the GLG Map Server is a fully functional and OpenGIS-compliant web-based map server. It supports CGI, Fast CGI and stand-alone map generation modes, and comes with samples of GIS data and setup files.

KIDS (Key Indicator Database Systems)
KIDS (Key Indicator Database Systems) is an opensource, thematic mapping and GIS application developed by the World Agriculture Information Centre (WAICENT) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. According to the website, KIDS was “developed originally for the purpose of collecting, mapping and disseminating food insecurity and vulnerability indicators” and is “a software framework that provides the ability to implement thematic information systems that collect, reference, visualize, exchange and disseminate statistical, survey and indicator data. Visualization is possible through tables, mapping, raster images and graphs. Basic GIS overlay and legend editing functions are available for non-GIS users.” The Application is developed in Java with a layers for XSL and webservices and is customizable and easy to use. The core engine is in Java, and the front-end interface is in XSL and Javascript.

MapServer is a CGI-based application for delivering dynamic GIS and image processing content via the Internet.

Server-side software for navigating maps from static images, with clickable regions imported from ESRI shape files.

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  1. Great website, highly resourceful.
    Thru this website i got to and got the most amazing software gps TrackMaker and have started making my maps. Thank u.
    Just one more thing plz suggest some map SERVER software that can be used like google etc. which uses the .gpx or .map or .kml files as input. as the GPS TrackMaker exports maps in these formats and more.

    Thank you

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