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August 29, 2016 marked the first day of new FAA regulation allowing for the commercial operation of drones.  The details of new Small UAS Rule, aka Part 107, were released back in June and have been distilled into a more user friendly summary by Jeremiah Karpowicz, the Executive Editor of Commercial UAV News.

The report helps users understand what is entailed with legally flying drones under the new FAA regulations.  The report outlines the guidelines and the stipulations for flying commercial UAVs under the new legislation by non-hobbyist small unmanned aircraft (UAS) operators.  The report also clarifies how those holding Section 333 Exemptions are affected.

The report covers the following topics

  • Operating requirements
  • Pilot certification (which formerly represented a very high barrier to entry for those who wanted to experiment with commercial drone technology)
  • UAS certification
  • Privacy issues
  • The Waiver Process (covering nighttime flying, operating BVLOS, flying at speeds greater than 100 mph)
  • Insurance considerations
  • Safety and asset management
  • Legal issues
  • Similarities and differences between Part 107 and a Section 333 Exemption

Access the report: What You Need to Know to Legally Operate Your Drone Under New FAA Regulation”


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