Free Email Course: Learn to Map Census Data in R

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Users interesting in learning how the map Census data using R can participate in a free email course offered by Ari Lamstein.  R is an open source programming and software environment popularly used by statisticians and data miners (more: Making Maps with R).

The tutorial series involves five email lessons with three days in between each lesson.  The first email lesson will involve an introduction to the Census dataset used and a basic review of R.  The second lesson will teach creating choropleth maps of US State demographics.  The third lesson reviews creating choropleth maps of US County demographics.  The fourth lesson looks at creating choropleth maps of US ZIP Code demographics.  The final and fifth lesson wraps up the lessons learned and provides pointers to more resources.

The mapping with R lesson plan was developed by Ari Lamstein, a software engineer and data analyst  based out of San Francisco.  To sign up for this free R mapping tutorial sign up at Learn to Map Census Data in R.

Demographic map of Texas created using R. Source: Lamstein.
Demographic map of Texas created using R. Source: Lamstein.

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