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A new eBook has been released by American Sentinel University entitled, “Five Steps to Build Your GIS Career.”  The short booklet outlines five pathways to consider for those seeking to build a GIS career.  Those interested in reading the book will need to submit their name and contact information as well as select a higher education career option (this booklet is a promotional tool by ASU for its online GIS education program so expect some followup).  A followup email after I registered also offered free access to another PDF entitled, “GIS: A World of Career Opportunities.

The six-page booklet (not including cover and bio page for GIS program chair Stephen McElroy, Ph.D.) is a quick read and provides readers with a broad steps to take in developing a career in GIS which it breaks down into: education, learning the tools, first experience, expand your resumes, and career advancement.  The booklet does provide some general tips in each of the category for how to find GIS experience and pathways to consider.  For students starting to plan their GIS career, it will provide some helpful overview.   From the press release:

“The five steps profiled in our e-book provide a schematic framework that can be used to guide the professional development activities of students and career changers,” says Dr. McElroy. “Since there is no recipe for success, the typical journey involves reordering or skipping steps and mixing and matching professional development experiences. Success can be measured in many ways, so feel free to craft a unique GIS career plan that fits your specific goals and aspirations.”

One area not addressed in the booklet is the question of GIS certification.  There is a vague mention of “other tools that cost a lot less and have many of the functionalities” but the only specified vendor is Esri.

To download the eBook visit: Five Steps to Build Your GIS Career


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