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A free eBook is available for downloading that reviews some of the online GIS  and web mapping options.  Online gis and web map publication platforms are reviewed in this fifty page PDF publication: ArcGIS Online, CartoDB, GeoCommons, GISCloud, MangoMap and MapBox.  The intent of the PDF is to provide readers with an overview of each of those mapping applications.  Each application is reviewed from the following aspects: Overview (which the author refers to as a “tweet length summary of each product), Standout features, Limitation, Data Import, Cartography, Administration Tools, Map Tools, APIs, Pricing, Suitability.  The book is fifty pages long.

The CEO of MangoMap, Chris Brown, is the author of this book which includes a review of his own web map publication platform.  Brown explains his motivation for writing this book, explaining, “I get asked all the time what the difference is between these products and also see the same question asked many times in online forums and social media channels, so it’s obviously something that needs answering. I also don’t view most of these products as our rivals, although all of the products featured in this book are capable of similar end results; the steps required to achieve those results differ hugely, with each aiming to make that process as smooth as possible for a certain type of user, be it programmer, casual GIS user or GIS analyst.

From Chris Brown’s press release about the publication:

Learn about a new generation of cloud based web mapping systems that are going to change the way we share and interact with geospatial data forever. With helpful insights, this book will introduce you to the standout features, limitations, workflows, pricing and optimal use cases of each platform.

You’ll quickly learn how to decide which system is best suited to your specific projects, skills and workflows, whether you want to quickly create a web map of your data to share with a small group of colleagues or deploy a map that will be the backbone of your consumer facing web startup.

If you’re a mid to senior level GIS analyst, web developer or a casual user of geospatial data, you’ll discover how to pick a platform that helps your create stunning interactive web maps that match your existing skill set and fulfill the requirements of your target users.

You can download the free ebook here: Online GIS


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