Four Technologies That Transformed Government

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Federal Government Weekly takes a look at four technologies that have changed the way government agencies do business.  Included among the four: GPS, which has revolutionized the way we interact with our world and underscored the power of place.

“We’ve had this explosion of ‘the power of place,’ provided by the ubiquity of GPS and the availability of precise geospatial information,” said Keith Masback, president of the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. “All members of the federal government are interacting with their IT systems and their data differently because they’re geo-enabled and enabled with precise location information.”

The article notes the importance of GPS and other geospatial technologies that have played critical roles in governmental response to natural disasters, law enforcement, and the way the 2010 US Census was undertaken.  The recently overhaul to the way Arlington National Cemetery is managed is aided through geospatial technologies.
“Arlington is now able to visualize operations across 624 acres, in real time, to understand what’s occurring at the cemetery,” said Maj. Nicholas Miller, the cemetery’s CIO. “We’ve transformed into a GIS-managed operation.

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