EthicalGeo Launches With a $7,500 Contest

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EthicalGeo, an initiative developed by the American Geographical Society (AGS), formally launched today.  The effort was launched to address the ethical concerns about geospatial data use.

To encourage discussion, EthicalGeo is pairing its launch with a video contest that calls for participants to present their ideas about, in the words of Marie Price, President of AGS, “how geospatial tools can be used to serve people and society and communities, and not harm them.”  

The competition is open to all to submit a three-minute video outlining their ideas or concerns.  Seven fellows will be chosen from the submissions and each awarded a $7,500 prize.  These fellows will also be required to participate in the AGS Geography 2050 conference in November and other AGS meetings in order to discuss the benefits and concerns about geospatial data.  

More information about the EthicalGeo intitiative, the Video Challenge (including required conference dates) can be found here.  The deadline to submit your video is September 9, 2019.

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Watch the video introducing EthicalGeo and the video competition here:


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