Esri transitioning to HTTPS-only Story Maps

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Esri’s Story Maps Team has created a new objective – to move all story maps to HTTPS only applications. This new standard to provide content through a secure communications protocol will protect information within maps for those who are sending and receiving them. This change will be a long-term benefit, but users should begin considering potential errors that it could cause.

While this transition will add greater site security for those who use story maps, this new implementation has the potential to break already functioning applications. This change will affect not only the URL for a shared story map, all media – including features such as images, individual map layers, linked web pages and videos – will need to be updated if users want to keep their applications working correctly.

It’s recommended that all organizations and individual users should begin to use exclusively HTTPS links for all content, alongside going through previously made applications for any links that could interfere with later functionality. For many users, this could mean creating new servers for hosted information, so these updates should begin as soon as possible to ease the transition and not cause inconveniences for application users. Content with HTTP links that are hosted on is expected to remain functioning correctly, without necessitating further updates.

View Esri’s official release here.

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