Esri Offering Technical Certification

Esri now offers a technical certification program for their software.

The Esri Technical Certification Program, announced today, will recognize people skilled in desktop, developer, and enterprise use of Esri technology. Earning a certification will mean an individual possesses a high level of technical expertise using Esri software.

Starting in January of 2011, certification will be offered for the following: ArcGIS Desktop Associate, ArcGIS Desktop Professional, Web Application Developer Associate, Enterprise Geodatabase Management Associate, and Enterprise Administration Associate.  Eight more certifications will be offered later next year and in 2012.  Certification will be accomplished by taking a two-hour exam consisting of 90-95 multiple choice questions and will be offered in English only.  The test will be available at 5,000 locations in 165 countries.

Registration opens January 17, 2011.

More about Esri’s Technical Certification Program:

Esri’s Press Release: Earn the New Esri Technical Certification

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1 thought on “Esri Offering Technical Certification”

  1. I take it this would be in addition to something like the ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam? As an ATP instructor, you must possess an ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification in order to teach the ArcGIS Desktop classes. I would think that Instructors would need the same skills as someone that would take the Technical Certification Exam. I wonder if both of these certifications are accepted or if you must take them both individually.

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