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Do you have some fantastic cartographic examples showing the use of GIS in the forest industry? If so, ESRI is interested in hearing from you. A new book entitled “Mapping Forestry” is planned and submission of maps is invited until March 14, 2008. More information is as follows from ESRI:

The ESRI natural resources team and ESRI Press are collaborating on an exciting new book project, Mapping Forestry. The book will feature geographic information system (GIS) solutions for forest industry professionals to show them what they can do with a GIS and give them directions to get started.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to share your creativity and expertise by providing ESRI with your best forestry map along with a description and explanation of how the map was created. Participation in this book is free of charge. We are inviting all ESRI customers with maps representative of the forest products industry to participate.

We are asking ESRI’s users in the forest products industry for content submissions that illustrate:

Growth Modeling

Business strategy

Remote sensing


Transportation analysis

Terrain modeling

Mobile solutions

Resource analysis

Data collection

Operational mapping

Fire management

Compliance reporting

Forestry planning

Contribute your map and allow your organization to be featured and recognized as a leader in the geospatial industry. There is no limit to the number of submissions from an organization, and customers, vendors, and ESRI business partners are welcome to submit provided the applicant or the applicant’s organization is a licensed ESRI user.

Selections will be based on the visual composition of the map submitted, the completeness of descriptive text, and the narrative of how the map was created. Submissions will be accepted no later than March 14, 2008.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact me at for further details. I can also be reached at 909-793-2853, extension 1-2707.


Peter Eredics
Forestry Manager


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