Esri Launches ArcGIS Marketplace


Esri has launched a new online web site for selling apps and GIS data.  From Esri’s press release: “ArcGIS Marketplace provides data from organizations such as DigitalGlobe, RapidEye, AccuWeather, and Esri, as well as apps created by Esri and its distributors and partners, such as Latitude Geographics, Azteca Systems, and con terra that are built specifically to work with ArcGIS Online.”

The new ArcGIS Marketplace houses data and apps from a variety of Esri partners.  Right now, there appears to be about 45-50 apps and data choices.  Users can browse apps and data by platform, free versus paid options (although Azteca’s Cityworks Online is currently the only free listing), and language.  In order to purchase and download (including free and trial versarcgis-marketplaceions), users must be an ArcGIS Online subscriber.

The ArcGIS Marketplace seems to be an effort to boost ArcGIS Online subscriptions making an active subscription part of the requirements for accessing the apps and GIS data available through the site.  There is an initial ArcGIS Online free thirty-day trial period, after which users must pay an annual fee.  Those that want to be an ArcGIS Online Market Provider are required to meet the following: Be a partner in the Esri Partner Network, Actively participate in the ArcGIS Online Campaign for Partners, Develop Apps that require an ArcGIS Online subscription.



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