ESRI Launches a GIS Wiki


wikiESRI has launched a wiki today at  The effort is fairly new and the wiki hasn’t been promoted much yet by ESRI, I found out about the wiki from a Tweet by @mikehogan who works at ESRI.  A visit to the home page doesn’t reveal the existence of this wiki.  I would assume that’s because they are working on getting the wiki populated with a significant amount of content.  The statistics page indicates there are a little under 1,800 pages of content. Browsing through a sampling of the pages that are already there, some of them have been pulled directly from Wikipedia and still contain the red fonts from hyperlinks to pages not found within ESRI’s wiki.

Already, the Twitter world starting to tweet about the project and questions have arisen about the whether or not the corporate sponsored wiki will be objective.  This isn’t the first effort to create a thriving GIS specific wiki.  The longest running general GIS Wiki had been which was a German effort that offered an English version which hasn’t seen much activity beyond RSS feeds from other GIS sites (the wiki is now shuttered).

Head on over to and add your knowledge of GIS to this new wiki.

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