Esri Invites Universities to Contribute to its Community Maps Program

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Universities have the potential to display their campus maps with Esri’s Community Program. Esri’s The Living Atlas team hopes to offer additional resources for those looking to create maps with the added complexity of geospatial information.

The Community Maps program gives individuals the tools to create a multitude of varied cartography, to encompass all manner of student and faculty life. Esri highlights the main draws for this program by focusing on the ability to utilize the varied ArcGIS basements, alongside the creation of map galleries to collect and display aggregated data in a high function and easy to use format.

ArcGIS’ blog proposes that schools working with their maps set up the ability for both faculty and students to contribute their own maps, or updated data to previously existing cartography. All of which is meant to be edited and reviewed by “data stewards.”

Community Maps seem like the next step to providing greater accessibility to campuses, and crowdsourcing open data could allow for more streamlined and quickly constructed mapping projects.

View Esri’s initial announcement here.

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