Esri International Developer Summit Hackathon

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From Esri: Esri’s sponsoring another hackathon to see who can build the greatest mapping app in a day. The hackathon will kickoff Esri’s International Developer Summit in Palm Springs.

Participation is free. You can participate as an individual or a team. Prizes will be awarded to winners by Esri and hackathon partners (Stay tuned for details on the exciting technology and data partners we’re lining up!) for various categories. Food and Snacks available throughout the day, so along with high speed Internet and comfortable seating, you’ve got all the ingredients for a day of app building!

Hackathon Mission

Using Esri’s location-based technologies and partner APIs, the goal is to create an app that integrates these technologies with data from our event partner to build the best community-oriented app you can think of!
Time and Place
Kicking off Esri’s Annual DevSummit festivities, hackathon teams will meet on-site at the Renaissance Palm Springs, San Jacinto Room starting at 1pm Sunday March 9th (Sunday) and hack away until Monday March 10th at 10:00am with formal judging to follow.

Hackathon Rules

For a team to win, submissions must incorporate at least one of the following technologies:

  • Esri Web and/or Mobile API Technology
  • ArcGIS Online Basemaps and/or GeoServices

More to come soon on additional APIs and Prizes!
* Note: Other technologies may also be used in conjunction with technologies from the aforementioned list.


Judges will evaluate apps for the following elements:

  • Innovation and Creative use of Technology
  • User Experience/User Interface
  • Potential for Real-World Application

Each team will have an opportunity to present their work, and a panel of judges will review presenting teams to deem one app the best, awarding prizes and the option to do a quick presentation in front of the entire DevSummit audience! On-site participants only. Participants must check into the hackathon room and review the rules in order to be eligible for prizes.



  • 1st – Esri International Dev Summit Passes for 2014 or 2015 (team member choice) for each team member (5 max). Winning Team gets a 3-minute slot at the Dev Summit Closing to present their entry to the crowd.
  • 2nd – AR Drones 2.0 Quadrocopter for each team member (5 max)
  • 3rd – RC Copters for each team member (5 max).


Sunday, March 9, 2014
• 1:00pm Hackathon kickoff. Introduction to developers.arcgis.comand County of Riverside data. Schedule overview,  rules, prizes, code samples and demos, and orientation.
• 2:00pm Hacking begins
• 6:30pm Dinner arrives
• 8:30pm Team check-in, project descriptions and presentation
• 11:00 End of hackathon first day

Monday, March 10, 2014
• 9:00am Doors open to the hackathon room
• 9:30am Final check-in for projects and developers. Presentation schedule finalized
• 10:30am Presentations begin
• 11:30am Judging begins
• 11:50am Winners announced, addresses gathered to ship prizes to eligible team members
Food and Drinks
We will provide dinner and snacks throughout the day to all teams who compete on-site.

Team Registration

* After registering here, sign up at HackerLeague so you can create your team and submit your project.
* Registering for this hackathon will give you a hackathon badge. You do not need to be registered for DevSummit to participate in the hackathon. The hackathon badge will allows you to enter the hackathon and does not consistute access to the DevSummit. To attend the DevSummit you will need a DevSummit ticket. If you or your team is not registered for the DevSummit, wins an award and is eligible to go on stage, we will make the arrangements to have you on stage Thursday and get you the credentials to get into the DevSummit.

For more information via Esri’s Hackathon page.



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