Esri Hosting Sharpen Your GIS Skills Seminar

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Kicking off at the end of September and running through November, Esri’s free Fall Seminar Series will be held in thirty-eight cities around the United States.  The seminar series entitled, “Sharpen Your GIS Skills” is aimed towards GIS professionals at all levels.  Esri’s seminars are typically dog and pony style with Esri staff presenting a series of PowerPoints and software demonstrations about its products.  The seminars are always free to attend and present a good opportunity to learn more about Esri products and to network with other GIS professionals in your areas, in particular those working in the public sector.  It’s also a great place to speak with Esri staff about any questions you have about the company or its GIS software offerings.

According to Esri, attend the seminar to:

  • Learn about the wealth of data, templates, and other resources available for your projects
  • See examples of how and when to use basic to complex analysis tools to drive better decision making
  • Get ideas for extracting more value and better information from your existing software and data
  • Expand your knowledge of the latest GIS tools and how you can take advantage of them

Based on the agendaArcGIS Online, the Community Maps program, and CityEngine (Esri’s urban 3D modeling software), and building a Sory Map are among the topic items.

The seminar is set up as a half-day workshop and is free to attend.  Space is limited so be sure to register early.  Confirmation of attendance can take up to a week.  Visit the registration page for more information about available city locations and dates and to sign up.


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