ESRI Developer Summit Roundup


The 2008 ESRI Developer Summit brought together GIS developers and ESRI staff in Palm Springs, California (March 17-20, 2008). One such attendee was Ryan Resella (Senior Analyst at the City of Santa Clarita) who provided pictures and commentary of the event.

Plenary Session

The morning session kick off with demonstrations covering ArcGIS Server, mobile SDK, web ADF and ArcGIS
Explorer with the focus on new features and fixes with ArcGIS 9.3.

The road map for ArcGIS Server 9.3

Showing the road map for ArcGIS 9.3 during the plenary session.

Error reporting is a critical new feature in ArcGIS 9.3 which means that every time ArcGIS crashes or produces and error, a report will be sent to ESRI. This feature will help with resolving bugs for future service pack and new releases.

Keynote Speaker – Alan Cooper


Keynote presented by Alan Cooper. Alan Cooper is known as the father of
Visual Basic and he currently owns a company called Cooper Consulting.
During the keynote Alan Cooper discussed software engineering best

Microsoft SIG

Microsoft SIG was one of the biggest SIG events of the conference.
Microsoft provided free food as well as a complimentary bar.
Microsoft gave a
presentation on Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Virtual Earth as well as a
presentation on FAQs about SQL Server 2008.

Showing of Microsoft Worldwide telescope which is currently
in beta.


Similar to the annual ESRI International User Conference, the showcase had different islands to ask
questions to the teams. ArcGIS Server had the largest amount of people.


ESRI product managers. During the closing sessions they answered questions and did surveys on
feedback for next year’s summit.

ESRI Developer Summit Roundups:


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