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Links to sites that sell GIS and GPS related equipment. Most commonly GIS users look to purchase plotters, GPS units and digitizers. Look here to find the tools of the trade.

Cad Warehouse
Find deals on this site for plotters, digitizers and more. You can find specials such as refurbished HP Designjets.

Manufacturer of large format scanners for CAD drawings, sepias, etc. Section on applications in GIS with equipment recommendations.

Engineer supply web site that contains products useful to GIS such as digitizers and plotters. Membership is required to enter parts of this site but registration is free.

Garmin is a well known manufacturer of GPS units. They specialize in developing GPS products to meet a variety of areas such as cartography, aviation and mobile electronics. Introductory information about GPS is available from their site.

Geomatics Industry Association
GIA is a trade association for equipment and software for GIS/GPS use. Find show information, news and resources.

GTCO CalComp
GTCO CalComp produces digitizers in a variety of sizes. They also sell scanners to meet all types of needs.

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard is well used in the GIS industry for printing equipment. Find information about their plotters from their web site. They also offer purchasing discounts for governmental agencies.

Leica Geosystems
Leica sells many different types of products ranging from GPS units to levels to photogrammetry systems. They also have a user group to support their products.

Navigation Electronics
Navigation Electronics has been providing service and support for Trimble for over 10 years and is one of the largest gps rental companies in the U.S. Their technicians are factory certified by TRIMBLE. They also handle repairs on out of service equipment, such as the NavTrac, and NT200 and 300 series.

Thales Navigation
Thales Navigation sells GPS solutions for industrial applications, including GIS, under the Thales Navigation name, and for consumer applications under its Magellan brand. You can also find a great wealth of information about GPS, what it is and GPS links on the web.

Topcon sells GPS and Survey equipment. They are also diverged into imagin products not related to GIS such as their IMAGEnet, an ophthalmic digital imaging technology.

One of the top GPS units available on the market. They have a range of top-quality GPS loggers that deliver up to submeter accuracy.

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2 thoughts on “Equipment – GIS and GPS”

  1. Hi,
    i am new to GIS stuff, currently doing project on “Vehicle Fleet Tracking System”.
    I am planning to use wireless module XT65, from this device we will get the track details about vehicle that details to show on the map…what i have to do(GIS stuff)?
    I am planning to use Geoserver+googlemap(wms)+postgresql…but i am not able to do.
    i confused, how the gps stuff will integrate with googlemap through geoserver.
    If any other choice please suggest to me………

    thanks in advance,

    with sincerely,t

  2. I own a dog kennel and would like info on a system so I could provide tracking service for dogs. If possible would like to expand to offer same service for children.

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