EO College Offers Free Course About Remote Sensing

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EO College, a platform for accessing MOOC (massive open online courses) about remote sensing along with other related materials was launched back in 2017 and continues to regularly offer a free course in remote sensing.  By registering for its MOOC in Radar Remote Sensing, students will have access to earth observation (EO) related courses, resources, articles and communities.

The next MOOC will start on  September 16, 2019 and will last five weeks.  The course will cover introduce students to Radar Remote Sensing including:

  • History of Radar technology and the discovery of electromagnetic waves
  • Image acquisition Geometry of airborne and space borne Radar systems
  • Land applications of Radar remote sensing
  • Applications of radar remote sensing over Water
  • Application of Radar remote sensing for Hazard management

The course includes a hands-on component that will lead students through exercises in order to learn how to obtain, process, and analyze real-world radar data.

Visit: EO College 

Watch the introductory video to this course on radar remote sensing called “Echoes in Space”

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