"Editing With Ill Intent" Crime for Tampering with Google Maps


Here’s a new crime: “Editing with ill intent”.  A New Zealand woman was charged by police after she tampered with the business listing of seven Napier florists on Google Maps.  Kendra Drinkwater, herself a florist, changed the business listings of her competitors on Google Maps using various aliases.  She faces up to seven years in prison for her crime of “editing with ill intent” which caused loss to those businesses.  This is the first such case in New Zealand of this type of crime according to Bill Crane, operations manager of the police electronic crime laboratory in New Zealand.

Police allege Drinkwater accessed the sites, using various names, including Kendra, Dale, Gil, Qin.M, Larry and John, and giving her location as Canada, UK and China.

She allegedly altered addresses, phone numbers and website details of businesses, in an apparent bid to divert potential customers.

napierAccording to Google spokeswoman Annie Baxter, this is the first such incident affecting Google Maps in New Zealand.  She said, “Most people editing Google Maps are updating information that they know to be out of date in order to help fellow users.”  She advised that business owners “claim” their businesses to prevent others from editing their business information.


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