Early Tidbits from the ESRI User Conference

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An announcement first made at ESRI’s Senior Executive Summit and then repeated during his talk this morning by Dirk Kempthorne (U.S. Secretary of the Interior) is the availability of later this year of over 35 years worth of Landsat data to the public. Directions Magazine’s Joe Francica has posted an interview with Kempthorne about this.

There were a lot of demonstrations covering web capabilities of ArcGIS at the Plenary Session. Jack Dangermond mentioned that millions of dollars has been invested in ArcGIS Server and additional partners have been added to extend the data availability of ArcGIS online. One such parternship formed is with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. These partnerships allow users of ArcGIS 9.3 to pull data from ArcGIS Online into ArcMap using the “add data from resource center” function. 9.3 also adds more premium subscription services (such as Virtual Earth) so data and symology can be accessed. In 9.3 new tools have been added to share data and layer properties in KML with geodatabase attributes being embedded in the KML files. Applications demonstrating the capabilities of ArcGIS server to work with Flex and Silverlight were shown by Ismael Chivite (ArcGIS Server Product Manager ) during the morning’s session.

ESRI has also been working closely with Adobe to extend the spatial capabilities of PDF files. Attributes, identifying and measurements are part of the new export to PDF functions of 9.3.

If you’re at the conference and have a Window’s mobile (version 5 or 6) PDA, you can test out ArcGIS by emailing tryarcgismobile@esri.com. A reference to more information on the ESRI User Conference blog about conference attendees trying out the ArcGIS mobile application was made during the plenary session but I haven’t been able to find it.

Announced on August 1st were the winners of ESRI’s “GIS in Action” contest.

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  1. I was really impressed with some of the demonstrations showing how to publish a flex map using ArcGIS and then dropping the code into a web page. That will really be useful.

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