Drone2Map Version 1.2 Released

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ArcGIS’ Drone2Map, version 1.2, is now available to download through Esri’s help site. This version has several notable highlights for those looking to optimize their organization for easier use of the program. Alongside a redesigned ribbon, Drone2Map also offers the ability to run multiple projects simultaneously through batch mode.  This feature – in contingency with the option to now open projects from Drone2Map in ArcGIS Pro – provides an even greater incentive for organizations to adopt Pro earlier.

In regards to aesthetic additions, the program also incorporates Level of Detail support for those working with three dimensional textures meshes. New draw tools and a real-time processing log also bring in a greater level of customization and control over projects.

This version’s highlights were best summarized by the ArcGIS Blog’s official announcement, “This release builds on the themes of ease of use and automation by adding in key features for batch processing, sharing web maps, and increasing the quality of 2D and 3D imagery products.”

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