Draft Equal Earth Physical Map Open for Public Comment

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UPDATE (February 3, 2019): The Equal Earth physical wall map is now available: Download the Equal Earth Physical Map for Free

Tom Patterson, one of the developers of the recently released Equal Earth map projection, is asking for feedback from the public on his draft physical wall map based on the Equal Earth projection.  The map is a companion piece to the Equal Earth Political Map.  A main complaint of the Mercator map projection which is commonly used is that landmasses towards the poles are depicted much larger than they actually are.  The Equal Earth map projection was developed to show land masses at their true sizes relative to each other.

With over 3,000 labels, Patterson is looking for input on label placements, spelling errors, and any other suggested improvements to this global map showing topography and biomes. As with the world political map, the Equal Earth physical map will be released into the public domain.

To view the draft version of the map and submit your comments visit:

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