DNRGPS Replaces DNRGarmin

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By: Shelly Sentyrz

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ DNRGarmin application has been a popular tool for GPS users worldwide since 1999. Developed at the Minnesota DNR to facilitate field data collection by staff, DNRGarmin use grew virally soon after being released as freeware to the public. DNRGarmin has been used by fishermen in Japan, search and rescue teams in New York, wildland firefighters across North America, professional adventurers in Brazil, miners in Africa. . .

MNDNR has released numerous updates of DNRGarmin over time to add functionality and maintain compatibility with software and handheld GPS receivers.  Escalating changes in technology – and an expanding user base requesting additional functionality — prompted DNR staff to examine new ways of maintaining the application.

DNRGPS is a new iteration of DNRGarmin created by Chris Pouliot (MNDNR) and Regan Sarwas (NPS).  Released March 1, 2012, the new name reflects a focus to expand the compatibility of the application to more brands and models of GPS receivers. DNRGPS is also able to consume more geospatial data formats, has more data projections, and is compatible with the latest versions of ArcMap and Google Earth.

A public web page has been created for the distribution of DNRGPS and accompanying documentation. The site highlights functionality, lists prerequisites, and includes links to DNRGPS mailing lists.

For more information visit http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/mis/gis/DNRGPS/DNRGPS.html.

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