Digital Mapping Degree Tops Ranking of Most Unusual Degree

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According to the staff at College Consensus, the University of Kentucky’s Master’s in Digital Mapping  has been ranked as  their top choice for most unusual college degree. To most geospatial professionals, degrees in fields like GIS, remote sensing, and cartography are familiar and make perfect sense.  The ranking, per College Consensus, isn’t designed to entertain and humor, but is meant to highlight degree programs that “show big opportunity, because they’re in demand, unusual, and providing a service that not many schools provide.”

What put Kentucky’s New Maps Plus offering at the top of the list?  According to the staff:

The MS in Digital Mapping at the University of Kentucky is one of the most cutting-edge and unique college programs for today’s mapmakers. Students in the New Maps Plus program, from the UKY Department of Geography, learn coding, open-source software, spatial analysis, data visualization, and traditional cartography. New Maps Plus brings together the ancient and the futuristic, giving students a grounding in modern issues like security and surveillance, and timeless concerns like accuracy and usefulness. There’s no program quite like the University of Kentucky’s MS in Digital Mapping.

While there are scores attached to each listing, there isn’t any explanation of the methodology used.



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