Defining Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

In a move that’s sure to create a lot of discussion and disagreement, the Los Angeles Times has embarked on a project to map out all of the communities in Los Angeles. 

The Los Angeles Times is unveiling the new map of neighborhoods today on its website at Years in the making, it is designed to be a tool that will allow reporters and editors to be consistent when describing neighborhoods in news stories in a city that sometimes seems to change the names like most people change socks.

The map has started with proposing neighborhood boundaries for 87 communities in Los Angeles.  The editors at the Los Angeles Times are soliciting reader imnput on the boundaries.  The mapping application has a tool where readers can mark up what they believe the correct boundaries are as well as leave written comments.  This is probably the most comprehensive attempt to delineate neighborhood boundaries, something not even the City of Los Angeles has attempted to do.  It will be interesting to see if some greater concensus can be achieved given the vocal disagreements many Los Angelenos have about what community they live in.  A previous attempt to map out Los Angeles communities onto Google Maps started by blogger LA City Nerd is only partially complete.



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