Cyprus Signs an Agreement to Update its GIS with the Help of Esri

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Announced in ArcNews’ Summer 2018 issue, Esri has been selected to modernize Cyprus and its cadastre, in hopes of providing the country with a completely modernized, advanced land registration system.

This partnership was announced in April, with the Cyprus’ Department of Land and Surveys and Esri signing an agreement to revive and improve the country’s current GIS system, known as the Cyprus Integrated Land Information System, or CILIS. The task itself is a large undertaking, as this system currently runs all registration processes in the country. Once this partnership is completed, the entirety of CILIS will become based on the ArcGIS platform, having the nation’s cadastre relying on Esri in its entirety.

Senior consultant at Esri, Mark Williams, made a statement in ArcNews, “Cyprus will become one of the leading places in Europe to have an integrated land registry and taxation system based entirely on Esri technology.” The completion of this project is expected to be impressive, and is an update that is gravely needed, according to Cyprus’ Minister of Interior, Constantinos Petrides.

Constantinos Papantoniou, Esri’s technical lead for the project, has similar hopes for this partnership’s outcome, “A lot of foreign companies are coming to Cyprus because of its low corporate taxation rules. They are buying land and properties in urban areas, so there is high demand in all the cities, and there is a lot of growth there—construction, big buildings, hotels, and tourism.”

With little doubt that the project will be nothing less than successful, the finalized product will be an interesting perspective on a potential future of government-oriented GIS in other countries. Will this development push out the usage of all other GIS technology, particularly open source software, in Cyprus? If the project is successful, will other countries follow suit, creating a more homogenous, internationalized mapping system?

It will be interesting to see what effect this has on GIS as a whole, particularly regarding the potential “weeding-out” of smaller mapping platforms in government work entirely.

  • View Esri’s ArcNews announcement here.
  • View Cyprus’ Press and Information Announcement here.



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