Crowdsourced Traffic Data from Waze on Google Maps

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Users of Google’s mapping products will notice the addition of more detailed traffic data, courtesy of Waze, an app that collects traffic and roadway conditions from its users.

Last week, Google announced the integration of Waze user incident reports into its Google Maps for Mobile apps.  Android and iOS users in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US will now see information provide by Waze users about real-time roadway conditions such as traffic accidents, road closures, and construction obstructions.

Prior to the integration, Maps for Mobile users could only see symbolized traffic flow (red for stopped or very slow traffic and yellow for reduced travel speeds) along select street segments but no specific information about the cause of the traffic condition.  Now, users will see a symbol indicating the type of incident (in the example below, the car symbol indicates a car collision).  Clicking on the symbol brings up a small box at the top of the screen with some detail about the incident.

Waze users now also have access to Google’s street view,satellite imagery, and Google search to make data updates via the Waze Map Editor easier.

Waze traffic incidents on Google Maps.
Waze traffic incidents on Google Maps.

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