Crowd Sourcing GIS Technical Knowledge


A new collective knowledge effort is underway and looking for commitments.  From Matt Wilkie: (not live yet) will be a Q&A site for programmers, DBAs, Cartographers, Geographers and anyone interested in GIS professionally. The incubation site is

What is Stack Exchange? Who better to answer than the founders,

“…we’ve gotten used to the clean, fast, reliable answers that you get from Stack Overflow, so whenever we try to get an answer to a tax question, or a Siberian Husky question, or an iPhone question, it’s incredibly frustrating to find old conversations, trapped in forum and discussion software, instead of answers. Forums are optimized for conversation and shooting the breeze, not for getting answers, so they suck when you actually need some information.” (full post By and large, they’ve risen to the challenge better than anyone else in my experience thus far.


Anyway, check out the proposal, see what you think, and if you agree commit to answering a few questions and lets make this thing a reality.


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