Creating an Ergonomic Workspace – A Guide to Reducing Pain

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If you’ve spent hours hunched over your computer creating data and maps, you’ve probably started to feel the effects of your day through bleary eyes, an aching back and sore wrists. In particular, the repetitive use of the mouse in map making can easily lead to wrist pain and eventually carpal tunnel syndrome if left untreated. Listed here are resources to helping your create a more ergonomic workstation setup as well as exercise you can practice throughout the day to reduce eyestrain and body aches.

Workspace Ergonomics
Listed here are resources for understanding and modifying your workstation environment to achieve an ergomic set-up.

Effective Ergonomics
Australian site that has organized workplace ergonomics by category. Each section contains an inventory of ergonomic products.

Workstation Myths
Common workstation myths compiled by UCLA ergonomics that dispel popular notions on how to set-up the workspace.

Ten Steps for an Ergonomic Workstation Design
Guideline created by CUErgo of Cornell University on setting up your workstation.

Ergonomics and Computer Injury: FAQ
Frequently asked questions list provided by Jonathan Bailin, Ph.D.

Computer Workstation Checklist
Checklist provided by the Glass Celing site to assist workers in ensuring their workspace is ergonomically designed.

Workspace Exercises
Getting up and stretching is an important component to strengthening your body and reducing injury.

Yoga’s Rx for RSI
Yoga is a great way to both prevent and reduce the effects of repetitive stress injuries.

Flexibility Exercises
Pictorial produced by UCLA Ergonomics on exercises you can do in your office or cubicle to increase flexibility.

Postural Exercises
Pictorial produced by UCLA Ergonomics on exercises you can do in your office or cubicle to strengthen your posture.

Pointing Devices
The reliance upon mice and trackballs is particularly heavy in GIS due to the nature of creating data and map making.

Tips for Pointing Devices
Tips and tricks article by UCLA Ergonomics on the use of mice and pointers. Contains information on alternative keyboard strokes to help minimize the use of pointing devices.

Workspace Symptoms
If you are experiencing persistent symptoms, check out these resources to help your understand the culprit to your pain and how to seek remedies.

Identifying Symptoms
Click on the red zones on this animated officer worker to understand the culprits to your body pain and for solutions to the issues. Created by Safe Office Practice.

Typing Injury FAQ
An online resource for repetitive strain injury (RSI). Provides resources for identifying and addressing workplace injuries.

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  1. I have a question, I work in a small office of about eight people. I am having problems with my right wrist and I want to know what steps I have to take to get my work to give me a more ergonomic workspace. Is the law differant because my company is smaller or is it the same no matter what the size of the company? Can someone please get back to me and let me know, or at least point me in the right direction.

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