Coronavirus Map and Data Hub Developed by Esri

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Esri has launched the COVID-19 GIS Hub to centralize access to maps and GIS data relating to the novel coronavirus. The purpose of the newly launched site is to be a central gathering point to “aid with real-time monitoring, to catalog GIS data that supports mapping and analysis, and to increase overall community preparedness with general public health resources and media stories related to COVID-19.

The site consolidates sources of coronavirus maps and GIS data to streamline access. This includes the highly visited Johns Hopkins University’s near-realtime coronavirus interactive map as well as a similar map dashboard provided by the World Health Organization. Both map dashboards feature regular updates aggregated from health organizations reporting confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries from the coronavirus. Most of the featured maps, if not all, seem to be limited to those built using Esri’s mapping software, in particular using their ArcGIS map dashboard. There wasn’t any information readily available on the Hub site to indicate if there are plans to include non-Esri sources of coronavirus maps and data.

A second main section of the coronavirus map and data hub lists downloadable GIS data. As with the featured maps, these data sources are all served from Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform. The aggregated dataset used by JHU is available as well as a datasets for “Coronavirus World Airport Impacts”. Other datasets can be browsed and downloaded via Esri’s hub.

Visit: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) GIS Hub


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