GRASS How To: Copyright Notice, and Notice on Support of this Document

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9.1. Copyright notice

This document was prepared by a Federal civil servant in support of his work (but mostly on his own time). It is NOT SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT.

9.2. Notice on support of this document

I believe that the contents of this document are accurate. However, if you use this document, you accept the risks for any errors in this document (and in any documents that are cited here).

I would greatly appreciate help in correcting any errors, or in enhancing this document. However, “my time is limited” in dealing with this issue. Any help that you can provide, that also helps me to more efficiently respond to your interest, is more likely to be responded to quickly. A complaint might be appreciated, but a suggested improvement that includes draft wording might be REALLY appreciated.

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By: David A. Hastings –  The Geographic Information Systems: GRASS How To

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