Connecting Government with Residents With ArcGIS Hub

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A new update to ArcGIS Open Data has brought in a new feature for those who wish to engage their communities by providing more data to contextualize their respective communities. This product, or ArcGIS Hub, adds a not previously existing ability for individuals within a population to interact with their governments. Governing bodies can provide information that would’ve already been provided on Open Data, from infrastructural to medical information. Individuals searching for this data will have a more coherent avenue, with ArcGIS claims ostensibly organizes the processes of community functions.

Many aspects within this initiative fall under the umbrella of previously available mapping applications, including story and interactive maps. However, Hub’s main draw – that being its ability to equalize the platform for data usage between governments and citizens – could potentially be used to develop more cohesive initiatives with researchers, businesses, and universities.

The aspect of crowdsourcing data gathering and editing could potentially shorten project times by extending the scope of participants outside the realm of legislative offices. It will also allow citizens to greater understand their own communities, eliminating the nebulousness separating them from their governments.

To sign up for more information, visit ArcGIS Hub’s page here.

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